is owned and operated by BaKare Beds Ltd. BaKare offer a range of advanced anti-decubitus lying surfaces, developed from our own experience and knowledge coupled with feedback from physiotherapists & occupational therapists.
Diamond Low Profile Alternating Air Mattress

Diamond Low Profile Alternating Air Mattress shown on BaKare Evo Bed

Since 1993

Our experience of providing solutions into care homes and private homes has provided us with knowledge of the complex requirements of the non ward environment – such as self initiated positioning, safe wheelchair transfer, bed falls and entrapments and preventing mattress acquired infections.

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Over 37% of Customers Recommended to Us

BaKare Beds thrive on a reputation for excellent customer service with typically over 37% of our orders from professional & personal recommendations alone.

.. I then chanced across an article concerning Hampshire Primary Care Trust (attached). Their physiotherapists were apparently trying to get as many people up and out of bed as possible – and wanted an airflow that would boast high stability, offer subtle movement and suit patients of all risks of pressure ulcers. Their new build hospital had purchased Squirrel Diamonds for just such a purpose and I was keen to try.

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